"So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, united together as one man." - Judges 20:11
One Youth is a tribe of teenage warriors who train weekly for active duty in spiritual and kingdom warfare. We continually deploy ourselves in worship, prayer, missions, conferences/encounters, and the battle for the unborn and unsaved.

One Youth is not a cute group of kids who want to play games and play church. We are a generation of world changers who want to see souls saved, lives changed, and the name of Jesus glorified in homes, schools, businesses, governments, and nations. We are a family of brothers and sisters who love one another, protect one another, and hold each other accountable to Biblical standards.

We believe that Jesus is the ONE and only name whereby we may be saved. We believe that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are ONE. We believe God calls all young people to gather against evil and be untied together as One Youth.

What is a name for a Christian who paints walls for a living? A Holy Roller! Or, more specifically, Alex Cairns. Alex is the leader of One Youth Group and is the sleepy pew potato who God woke up to run with the horses.

"When I came to Living Hope Church I encountered Christians who seemed to live like I had always imagined the apostles and New Testament church to live. They continually sent members on mission trips, evangelized on the streets, impacted communities and local government, and displayed gifts of the Holy Spirit. It wasn't long before I found myself living the same way. I was no longer depressed and working a job I disliked for my own personal gain. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord. I was blessed with a new job and now am living to serve Jesus."

Alex is a graduate of Waynesburg University were he majored in business management and minored in religion. He has been on mission trips to Spain and Guatemala as well as a few domestic trips. He has a passion for God and for young people. Aside from the youth at Living Hope Church, Alex also works with high school students as a coach for the Ligonier Valley track team. He is committed to helping young people and to teaching them God's standards (the Bible) so that they might be saved and not defeated by sin or the cares of this world.

Youth service - every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.

Youth from age 13 through high school graduation are welcome.

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