The Kingdom Key of Honor is crucial for growth in our lives. When we value God and people, we unlock doors of blessing and favor in our lives.
The Kingdom Key of Sacrifice is essential in our Christian lives. Christ set the example of how we are to lay our lives down for the benefit of others.
This Kingdom Key of rest is vital for our spiritual & physical health. When we rest, we express trust in God and partake of His essential gift to us.
The Kingdom Key of Mercy is one of God's deepest longest for mankind. Whether we receive this gift is up to us. "Mercy triumphs over judgment," James 2:13.

The Father’s Heart

June 17, 2018
God's desire is for fathers' hearts to be toward their children and childrens' toward their fathers. What the world has damaged, God longs to repair.
We won't make it far in God's Kingdom without the key of integrity. Integrity is tried and tested, but God will do anything for a heart that is fully His.
We won't make it far in God's Kingdom without the key of humility. Humility shows maturity; a heart that knows God takes care of us and fights our battles.
The Kingdom Key of Confession, or profession, is our ability to align our thoughts and beliefs with God whether in repentance or in declaration of truth.

The Touch of Jesus

May 20, 2018
The touch of Jesus changes everything. We're all headed down death's rode until Jesus intervenes. Once He does, our lives are changed forever for better.
The Keys to the Kingdom continued. Faithfulness is an action. It takes place when we repeatedly do what's required of us even when it's not easy or popular.
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