December 29, 2013

Who’s your King?

December 22, 2013
Who's your King?
Pastor Matt talks about how we are commissioned and what that means. "It doesn't matter how qualified or distinguished we are if we're not commissioned. "
Looking at the story of Gideon, Pastor Matt discusses the truths about what qualified Gideon to do great things for God and how those same things apply to you today.
Pastor Matt introduces a series on "God With Us." In this part 1, Matt discusses what it means to be Distinguished and drills down by asking you 3 questions concerning…

Mission Vision 2014

November 17, 2013
Pastor Keith shares the Mission Vision for Living Hope Church for 2014.

Do Not Be Hindered

October 27, 2013
Casey Stubbs, following up on Pastor Keith’s message about how the enemy hinders us preached about the ways to STOP Satan from hindering us. Using Paul as an example, Casey…

Loyal Opposition

October 20, 2013
Christians have a way of either blaming every single thing–including buying the wrong size shirt at the store–on Satan OR not acknowledging the Devil at all. While we certainly don’t…

Built To Last

October 13, 2013
Matt Fridg discusses the idea of building your house to last. Jesus spent time talking about this principle in one of his most famous sermons, the Sermon on the Mount,…

Enemies of Fruit

October 6, 2013
Pastor Keith Tucci preaches about how the enemy attacks your seed. Constantly, the Devil is trying to steal the Word of God from you before it can take root and…
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