Fruition of Vision

June 1, 2014
Pastor Matt Fridg talks about the fruition of God's vision for your life. Using Paul as an example, Matt discusses what happens when you put God's vision ahead of your…

Vision to Endure

May 25, 2014
Pastor Matt Fridg talks about the vision to endure roadblocks. As a believer, you will run into obstacles and struggles, and it's your vision that keeps you going. What's really powerful…

Driven by Vision

May 18, 2014
Pastor Matt Fridg discusses Vision and the 4 components needed to get to the destination of your vision. Know your vision, speak your vision, own your vision and run with…

Listen, Learn and Lead

May 11, 2014
In a special Mother's Day setting, Pastor Keith Tucci and wife, Penny Tucci, speak together in an encouraging discussion about the important elements of being a Mom.
Pastor Eric Johns from the Buffalo Dream Center teaches about passion and compassion. Using the story of the Good Samaritan, Pastor Johns discusses the difference between knowing what we should…
Pastor Keith Tucci continues his Luke 24 message about Jesus entering into your life. Will you let Jesus invade your life?

April 20, 2014
Pastor Keith Tucci reads from Luke 24, describing two men who knew all the facts about Jesus but failed to know who he is. In a nation where Millions crowd…

April 13, 2014
Pastor Pat Mahoney, from Washington DC, discusses the mission we have in connection with understanding the times we live in. He shares some inspiring stories about the recent success of the…

The Consuming Fire

April 6, 2014
Pastor Matt Fridg discusses the fire of God and how it is used to consume the 'bad' things to clear room for good things to grow. Do you have areas…
Thom Gressman talks about the Armor of God in a message that inspires believers to fight and stand for righteousness. Giving a history lesson along with the sermon, Thom really…
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