In the Day of His Power

September 30, 2018
In the day of God's power, He will pour out His Spirit on those who make room for Him in their hearts. We need revival to turn our hearts back…

Freedom from Discouragement

September 23, 2018
[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video] To find freedom from discouragement, we must decide if we will listen voice of our trials and circumstances or the voice of the promises of God.

Contending for the Faith

September 16, 2018
Contending for the faith means knowing God's Word and being led by His Spirit to live it out. It means speaking the truth in love, even if it's not popular.
In Joseph's life, he learned to hold fast to God's promise & not grow weary in doing good. We see God promote him from the prison to the palace, in…
How we respond to God in the obscure seasons of life often determines our future. God looks at our heart & desires to promote us, but we must be made…
Water baptism is an essential step in a new believer's walk with Christ. As public expression of obedience, it that declares we are new creations in Christ.
In the life of Joseph, we see how God wants to promote us. He will allow us to endure times of testing & may withdrew His presence, but He never…
"It's not about how we start, but how we finish." Guest Speaker and Overseer, Bro. Rod Aguillard, discusses what it means to finish our race strong.
The life of Joseph represents what God can do with one person: Give them a miraculous dream, build their character, and use their life to liberate others.
The Kingdom Key of Love is the soul and central theme of the Gospel. Everything we do must have Love or it is simply meaningless in God's Kingdom.
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