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Jesus is knocking. Will you let him in to your life? He wants to take nothing but your sin and give you nothing but love. New beginnings start here.
God is in the business of inviting us to Himself. When we stop running from Him, He takes our mess, mistakes, and failures and makes them beautiful.
The Road to Recovery requires humility, transparency, and honesty. Let God into your pain and He can begin your road to healing and a new life of freedom.
Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a place to find hope and healing for life's hurts, habits, and hangups. Hear how CR is impacting lives in our local community and church family.

Mankind 2.0

April 1, 2018
God rebooted humanity when He sent His Son to die for us and offered us a second chance at a new life. We are Mankind 2.0 because we live by…
Learning to live for eternity with our wealth, money, and possessions. The first place God has called us to prosper is in our inner man.
Learning to live for eternity with our wealth, money, and possessions. God has called us to be generously blessed in order to generously bless others.
Learn to effectively use, or wield, the Word of God. God's Word, or the Bible, is critical for the life, health, and growth of a believer.
A message preached at Legacy Church in Charleston, SC. "Father" God does not want to have a religion with you; He wants to have a relationship with you.
The word of God is eternal, unchanging, powerful, and it never fails.
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