Our Story

On the first Sunday of the new millennium, January 3, 2000, a small group of people met for worship believing God had called them together to be a Biblical expression of a powerful local church that would touch lives, affect families and change the world.

Since that first week, God’s blessing has been evident.  Lives are being changed, members added, and God’s provision and pleasure are evidently seen in many undeniable ways.

We are in an exciting, formative time, earnestly seeking God to “do it right”.  God has called us to be an apostolic model.

In February 2002, we purchased our present site consisting of 10 acres and in April of 2003, we began construction. The facility is complete and debt free.

We believe we are called not only to be a growing congregation, but one that plants other churches.  We are involved with several other of our sister churches in a church planting fund so that we will be prepared as the Lord directs us.

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